The Hardest Decision


Hey there! So yesterday I made the decision to cancel our latest Kickstarter campaign for Ghost Island #3. Why? We had 9 days left to raise £1,300  and there comes a point when you have to be honest with not only yourself the creator but with the loyal people supporting you, that this isn't working.  Rather than waste any time and begin mourning, I decided with a very heavy heart to cancel the campaign and begin rebuilding and prepping for a relaunch.

Why did it fail?

Following on from the very successful campaign of Folktales of the Cryptids I was quietly confident that we could use the momentum of that in to this campaign. We had an amazing launch  week but it soon became clear that the funding goal size is just too large for Ghost Island.Moving forward We're now going to reduce the number of pages per issue of Ghost Island from 44 to 22 which is going to help massively in reducing costs, while it means i've had to restructure the story a little but it does mean issues will now be out faster.Relaunch date We'll be relaunching Ghost Island #3 tomorrow 11.05.18 at 10 A.M. with more streamlined rewards and an add on menu where you can customise your own bundle of previous issues.

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Joseph Oliveira

AfterLight Comics