I’ve been writing for almost 10 years now, i started taking it more seriously in the last 18 months when i began writing comics. When you publish a book it’s out there forever, the ink is dry, you can’t make any changes. For my self with dyslexia this is very, very daunting.

I was always just above average at school never really excelling in a specific area. I always enjoyed writing short stories in english class. Yet teachers never picked up on the dyslexia. I know my writing isn’t perfect or grammer for a matter of fact. But i don’t let dyslexia hold me back no matter how hard it gets. I could proof read the same text a million times and look perfect to me, yet theres grammer errors here, there and everywhere. Heck there’s probably some in here too.

I’ll never forget publishing my second book [Ghost Island #2] for the wrong reason. It was my first time lettering a comic, if you’re not familiar this is where all the graphics, speech bubbles and text go inside. It could take up to an hour/ 2 hours per page to complete and this was a 38 page book! I was also trying to get it finished for a big comic con in London, bad idea..

After multiple sleepless nights and stress whether I was going to finish lettering the book in time I finally finished it in time. i’d done it! Woo, the relief I was going to go down to London and be able to launch my second book in the biggest city in the U.K. I was so excited, until the books arrived..

Several boxes containing up to 500 issues of Ghost Island #2 had arrived and i was so eager to see them and have them in my hands after hours, days, weeks, months going in to the production side. As i opened the book i flicked through with excitement until i spotted something. A spelling mistake. Now this may sound stupid but after so much work had gone into it and would soon be in peoples hands not only at conventions but backers from Kickstarter, i was absolutely crushed.  I’m all about quality & perfection and delivering the best to people who part with their hard earned money and i’d felt like i’d let not only myself down but also the people supporting me.

It’s a constant frustration, although there’s no cure i can put things in place to help myself and prevent further instances.  Now i get a proofreader to go over all of my works. But I cannot obviously have a proofreader get me through daily life tasks, life goes on.

Lifes not going to wait for me to catch up. All i can do is try, improve and try again until i’m better than i was the day before.