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Tales Unbound - British Folklore Edition

Tales Unbound - British Folklore Edition


A versatile themed deck designed for Dungeon Masters, storytellers!

Unearth the legends of ancient lands and weave them into your narratives. These cards provide a unique framework to shape adventures, guiding your tales with intrigue and authenticity.

The deck is split in to three sections.

10 x Opening Action cards : Set the scene with compelling beginnings that immerse your characters in the world of myths and legends.

20 x Illustrated Encounter cards : ​​​​​​Diverse entities await, from majestic gods and treacherous monsters to elusive spirits.


10 x Twist Cards : Narratives thrive on the unexpected. These cards introduce riveting turns, redefining quests and reshaping destinies. Whether it's a betrayal by a trusted deity or a hidden alliance between foes, these twists ensure your story remains unpredictable.

Each Card comes with Suggestions of Choices of where to take your narrative next.


🧙‍♂️Dungeon Masters: Add depth to your campaigns with authentic folklore elements. Never run out of ideas for your next session.


✍️Writers & Storytellers: Break through writer's block and venture into new narrative realms inspired by age-old tales.


👩‍🏫Educators: A fun and engaging way to introduce students to folklore from various cultures.


🤓Folklore Enthusiasts: Dive deeper into the stories you love and discover new ones you've never heard.

August 1st 2024