Creator Spotlight - Episode 2 Katie Whittle- Comic Cons

Welcome to the second episode of a great new series we're introducing called CREATOR SPOTLIGHT. A series designed to explore more about the creators behind indie comics and their self-publishing process. 

This week we talk to Katie Whittle from Frisson Comics about her self-publishing process with a range of comic books they've published with one currenty live on kickstarter
( )aswell as an in-depth chat about Comic Conventions. 

Joseph Oliveira

Katie Whittle

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Creator Spotlight - Episode 1 Danial Farrand- Creating an Anthology

This week we talk to Daniel Farrand about his selfpublishing process with the horror series The Untold and also the putting together of an Anthology in the form of "The 4th Monkey" currently LIVE on Kickstarter

Host: Joseph Oliveira

Daniel Farrand

The Untold