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Districts of the Yokai Part II

Districts of the Yokai Part II


A 24 Page - 4 PART SERIES
Artist : Flavio Giron
Cover Artist:  Jann Galino
Writer & Lettering: Joseph Oliveira
Colourist: Karla Aguilar

After Yuto's relentless pursuit of vengeance against the yokai responsible for his son's death, the tables turn dramatically. The Districts of the Yokai clan leaders retaliate by placing a lethal bounty on his head. In Issue 2, Yuto finds himself thrust into a perilous game of survival as he becomes the hunted.

With danger lurking at every corner, alliances will be tested, and secrets will surface. Will Yuto outwit his pursuers and uncover the truth behind the sinister yokai plot? The stakes are higher, the action more intense!

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