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The Safe House #1

The Safe House #1


Writer/Lettering/Colourist - Joseph Oliveira
Artist - Adrian Garcia
Cover - Marco Fontanili

A family are placed under witness protection after witnessing a brutal murder, but the traumatic experience continues to haunt them.

Ryan is a hardworking man that finds himself in a desperate situation after losing his job and no hope of finding another any time soon. With no job & no hope to provide for his young family he turns to a long time friend to help him get back on his feet.

Ryan feels he has no other choice but to protect his family and seeks help and they are moved in to witness protection until the perpetrators are found and arrested.

The trauma of the events that unfolded begin to take its toll on Ryan and his relationship with his partner which leads Ryan down a dark path of exploring his PTSD of what truly happened that fateful night.