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Clash of the Cryptids #1 [Digital]

Clash of the Cryptids #1 [Digital]


5 Issue Horror Series. [ 24 Pages Each]


A father risks all in a deadly cryptid tournament to save his son's life, uncovering dark secrets and facing unimaginable horrors.


In a desperate bid to afford his son's life-saving operation, dedicated single father Kyle Reid accepts an enigmatic invitation from a mysterious company called "Gentex" to a deadly tournament with a staggering prize of $250,000.


Kyle and other participants journey to the mythical Mount Cryptid home to dozens of elusive Cryptids. Here, his first task begins where he must attempt to hunt and capture one of the most fierce cryptids to enter the tournament with.


As the tournament unfolds, Kyle will face thrilling battles, form unexpected alliances, and uncovers secrets that challenge his determination and love for his son. 


Writer | Joseph Oliveira
Artist | Flavio Giron
Colourist | Karla Aguilar
Cover | Jann Galino