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Districts of the Yokai Part I Variant Edition Signed

Districts of the Yokai Part I Variant Edition Signed




A 24 Page - 4 PART SERIES

Artist : Flavio Giron
Cover Artist:  Carmelo A. Perlas
Writer & Lettering: Joseph Oliveira
Colourist: Karla Aguilar

A retired hitman seeks revenge when his son is killed by a powerful supernatural entity, the Yokai, in Japan's underworld. 

Yuto Nakamura, a retired hitman known as "the ghost" in the underworld. Yuto has left his violent past behind to honour a promise he made to his late wife to protect their son and be a loving father.

However, tragedy strikes when his son is brutally murdered by the Yokai, a powerful supernatural entity terrorizing the districts of Japan. Driven by grief and vengeance, Yuto sets out on a dangerous mission to hunt down and eliminate the Yokai responsible for his son's death.

As Yuto navigates the treacherous world of the Yokai, he discovers that their power is far greater than he ever imagined. Along the way, he faces impossible challenges and confronts his own demons, all while fighting to avenge his son's death and protect his family's legacy.

With heart-pounding action and unexpected twists, "The Ghost" takes readers on a thrilling journey through the dark underbelly of Japan's supernatural underworld, where a father's love and a thirst for justice collide in a deadly showdown.