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Folktales Of The Cryptids Vol. 3 [Digital]

Folktales Of The Cryptids Vol. 3 [Digital]


The third volume in the series tells TWO brand new short tales of the Baba Yaga & Indrid Cold. [24 PAGES]

Writer & Lettering : Joseph Oliveira
Cover artist: Hernan Gonzalez
Interior Artist: Hernan Gonzalez
Interior Artist: Dominic Racho
Colours: Karla Aguilar


A mother and father go out on a date night for the first time in...years! They leave their son in the capable care of the neighbourhood baby sitter. It doesn't take long for her to realise that the youngster is strange...when he asks to GO HOME...


A young couple's trip in the woods turns into a terrifying ordeal as the dog suddenly rushes off into the distance. David, the dog's owner, risks everything in an attempt to locate his lost pet and ends up discovering a remote hut...with LEGS!