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Wendigo Wood

Wendigo Wood


The Wendigo Wood Collected editions collects all 4-Issues in the Folk-Horror Comic Series. [142 Pages] Extras; Never before seen extended ending, Behind the scenes Making-of pages + Clash of the Cryptids Comic series preview!

★★★★★ "Will make your skin crawl”- Paul, Everything Horror Podcast.


"The story & art in this series helps breathe new life into those typical horror tropes as a missing daughter, determined father and relentless cult blend into a horror tale with that Afterlight Comics flare for gifting us something different" - G-Man (Comics Anonymous)

"Wendigo Woods is a brilliant and riveting take on an American Horror Classic, with unique perspectives and twists." - Indie Comics Showcase

"With an unsettling story by Joey Oliveira and atmospheric art to match by Vukasin Ivkovic, Wendigo Wood will draw you in and leave you suitably disturbed throughout, as any good horror comic should." - Benjamin Williams - Comic Book News UK


Writer & Lettering | Joseph Oliveira

Cover Artist | East C. Hawk
Artist & Colourist | Vukasin Ivkovic & Alex B.
Colourist | Karla Aguilar

"A retired war veterans search for his missing daughter leads him to a forest home to the Wendigo."

The story follows protagonist Hank Williamson, having served in the Iraq war many would think his experiences would haunt him. Yet on his return he finds himself at the centre of every parents worst nightmare, when he learns of the disappearance of his daughter.

Hank begins his journey into Wendigo Wood & comes face to face with a Wendigo worshipping cult that host sacrificial rituals to keep the Wendigo at bay.

He must find a way to infiltrate them to find answers to the whereabouts of his missing daughter who is either Dead or Alive...